Review: Circleware Overture Happy Multi Color Drinking Glasses cups Set

Rating: 2 stars

One line summary: color chips off

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Price paid: $10.32

We have five kids. At the time that we bought these, only four of them were drinking from glasses. With uniform-looking cups, we went through far too many water cups in a day. We figured that having different colored cups for different kids would mean less cleaning. So, we bought these cups. Our idea worked out great. Far fewer cups to wash, since the kids were reusing their cups more. We just washed the cups each evening. However, it soon became apparent that the colors on these cups were not very high quality. The colors are merely a thin coating and are not integral to the glass. After about a month or so, the color began to chip off. My wife finally, with great effort, peeled the remaining bits of paint off a couple of the cups. Here’s what they look like now:

If you look at the full-sized image, you’ll see the paint is coming off the mostly-complete cup.

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